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Getting started with DataScope
Step 6 - Advanced settings for your account
Step 6 - Advanced settings for your account

Discover the advanced features of DataScope to take your performance even further

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We have 3 ways to integrate DataScope into the softwares that you use in your company:

  • API: Read and modify the information collected from the submitted forms.

  • Zapier: Create workflows with more than 1.300 platforms 

  • Google Sheets: Get a real-time sheet with your account database

--Customize DataScope with your company logo--

Customize the app and the PDF files generated with your company logo.

--Skip Logic--

Some times is necessary to make conditional questions. With this function you can choose which questions the users have to answer, according to the answer given before.

-- Automatic notifications by mail--

You can schedule automatic notifications by email to receive a PDF copy of the submitted forms. These notifications can be for internal use, customers or both. You can modify the PDF according to your needs on our PDF editor.

--Use of filters--

When location lists or custom lists have many elements, it becomes difficult to search for a particular element. This is why we have a filter system to easily find the desired information, even a barcode scanner.

--Form States--

We have a system of customizable States for the forms. This way a form could have the status Approved, Rejected, In Review, Completed or the one you wish.


Sometimes when the forms are reviewed, doubts or lack of information arise so is necessary a communication channel with the user who collected the data. With our Chat you can easily communicate with the person who submitted the form, leaving all the reports linked to the specific form.


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