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How to search for specific items in a large list from the App?
How to search for specific items in a large list from the App?

Instructions on how to use application filters and easily search for items on a list

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When answering a question with options from an existing list, it is possible to use the application filters to find specific items. 

To use this functionality, at the time of replying you must write the name of the element you want to find in the filter, as shown in the following image:

Once you are writing it, the options will be filtered automatically, showing only the options that match the written text.

⚠️ On the app, you will be able to search from any of these 2 items on the configuration of your list: Location Name or Location Description.

📌 Filter by barcode

In addition to the text-based filter, it can be filtered using the application's barcode reader. To use this functionality, you must follow these steps:

  1. Have the customized list updated with the bar codes: It is necessary that the list you want to filter, has incorporated the information of the bar codes of each element. Thus, in the "code" field of the custom list, you must enter the barcode that will represent each item.

  2. Open the barcode reader: To open the reader, you must click on the barcode icon, as shown in the following image:

3. Scan the Bar Code: Using the phone's camera you can scan the desired barcode and select the desired item.


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