How to synchronize my forms?
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If at the moment of answering the form you do not have internet, it's possible to manually synchronize your answers from the App. You must go to the "My History" and stay in Pending.

During the synchronization process, errors may occur due to difficulties in loading photos, such as weak internet connections that prevent correct upload or lack of location of an image on the mobile device. In these cases, you will receive a notification indicating that it is necessary to "reload some images", as illustrated in the image:

If this happens, you can identify which responses have issues, where the quantity of questions and affected files that need to be reviewed and reloaded will be detailed.

To resolve these issues and complete the synchronization properly, you will need to click on the blue button "View invalid responses", which will take you directly to the responses with errors that require attention and resubmission.

Within the form, you can identify which photos need to be selected or reloaded by the presence of a grayscale image.

Once you have resubmitted all pending files, the responses will be moved to the 'To Sync' section (responses without synchronization errors), and you can finalize the synchronization process by clicking on the blue button designated for this purpose.


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