What is a conditional question?

Conditional questions allows you to skip certain questions, based in previews answers. 

For Example:

Question 1: Whats your favorite pet?

a. Dog
b. Cat
c. Lizard

If you choose Dog, ask what type of Dogs and don't ask information regarding Cats or Lizards.

How can I configure the conditionals questions?

This configuration is made this way:

  • Step 1: Add a question type "Single Option Data"
  • Step 2: Add a question to be conditional¬†
  • Step 3: Open the question and go to Advanced Config. and check "Skip question based on answer" (As the image)
  • Step 4: Create a condition to skip a conditional question

Example: If Question 1 is equal A OptionY go to Question 3

*It is not possible to insert a conditional question inside a subform. 

Note: The conditional questions is available just on Standard and Premium Plan.

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