What is a conditional question?

Conditional questions allow you to skip certain questions, based on previous answers. 

For Example:

Question 1: What's your favorite pet?

If you choose Dog, ask what type of Dogs and don't ask for information regarding Cats or Lizards.

How can I configure the conditionals questions?

This configuration is made this way:

  • Step 1: Add a question type "Single Option Data"
  • Step 2: Add a question to be conditional¬†
  • Step 3: On this new question, go to Advanced Config. and check "Skip question based on answer" (As the image)
  • Step 4: Create a condition to skip a conditional question

Example: If Type of Animal (question) is Not Equal to Other go to the Next Question

(meaning that the question "Other" will only appear if this answer is selected as an alternative on the previous question. If not, it will "jump" to the next question)

*It is not possible to insert a conditional question inside a Repeatable Field group of questions.

Note: This feature (conditional questions) is available only on our Standard, Premium and Enterprise Plans.



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