How to customize the PDF?

The standard PDF documents that are generated when responding a form can be customized with the information and logo of your organization. This information will be shown in the upper left of the document, as shown in the following image:

Below are the steps to customize your Standard PDF documents:

Organization Information

To customize your organization information you must enter the Settings tab > App Settings and complete the form with the information of your organization.

To add your organization's logo to PDFs, you must enter the Mobile Form Builder > Configure > PDF section. In the "Form Logo" section is where you can upload the image with your company’s logo.

  • Note: The file must be in .png or .jpg format, of square proportions, with a recommended dimension 150x150 and a maximum size of 2 MB.

How to customize the Application?

To customize the application with your organization's logo, you must enter the Settings tab> App Settings section. Using the "Logo" section, you can upload the image with your organization's logo.

This logo will be shown in the "Forms" tab on the app, as shown on the following image:


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