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How can I configure the automatic notifications by email?
How can I configure the automatic notifications by email?

This article deliveries instructions to configure automatic notifications through email.

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There are two ways to notify automatically by email when a user answers a form: notification by fixed emails and notification to customer emails.

📌 Notifications by fixed emails

With this type of notification, every time a user answers a specific form, a default email list will be notified.

To configure this type of notification, you should go to the tab Form > Configure > Change Email and fill the request fields. 

  • Email subject: The email subject that people in a notification list will receive

  • Email content: The message on the email that people in the list will receive 

  • Email footer: The customize the footer of this message*

  • Name Link Download: Configure the name of the clickable link that will lead to the form's submission file

  • Email sender name: The name that will be showed as a sender

  • Email to auto-notify: This field allows you to notify emails automatically, every time this form is submitted. You can enter more than one email address, separating them by a simple comma and a space.

TIP: To add a picture (for example your company’s logo) on your e-mail’s signature, simply click on the “Insert Image” option and add the image or the image’s URL.

📌 Notification to customers emails

With this type of notification, every time that a user answers a form to a specific customer, the customer's list of emails will be notified.

To set up this, it is necessary to have the updated emails list of a customer, on your Addresses List. You can add one or more emails, separating them with a simple space and a comma.

After this, on the form, you should add a question type "Single Option Data", that links to your Addresses List. This list will define which emails will receive the notification, once the client is selected by the user that is completing the form.

Finally, you should go to Form > Configure > Change Email and check the field "Auto-Notify Email". Click on Save.

TIP: If you don’t want to receive automatic notifications regarding a form subscription, you can simply do so by leaving the field “Auto-Notify Email” field blank, without a check.


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