There are two ways to notify automatically by email when a user answer a form. 

Notifications by fixed emails

With this type of notifications, every time a user answers a specific form, a default email list will be notified.

To configure this type of notification, you should go to the tab Mobile Form Builder>Configure>Change Email and fill the request fields. 

  • Email subject: the email subject that people in a notification list will receive
  • Email content: the message on the email that people in the list will receive 
  • Email footer: The customize footer to this message*
  • Name Link Download: Is the name that will be shown as the sender of the notification
  • Email sender name: the name that will be showed as a sender
  • Email to auto-notify: this field allows to notify the customers automatically. You can enter more than one email address, separating them by a simple comma and a space.

*TIP: To add a picture (for example your company’s logo) on your e-mail’s signature, simply click on the “Insert Image” option and add the image or the image’s URL.  

Notification to customers emails

With this type of notification, every time that a user answers a form to a specific customer, the customer's list of emails will be notified.

To set up this, it is necessary to have the updated emails list of a customer, on an Addresses List. You can add one or more emails (separate them with a simple space and a comma).

After this, on the form, you should add a question type "List Choice Data", that links to your Addresses List. This list will define which emails will receive the notification. 

Finally, you should go to Mobile Form Builder>Configure>Change Email and check the field "Auto-Notify Email"


TIP: If you don’t want to receive automatic notifications regarding a form subscription, you can simply do so leaving the field “Auto-Notify Email” blank, without a check. 


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