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How to grant access to DataScope Support Agent?
How to grant access to DataScope Support Agent?

Grant login access to a DataScope Support Agent

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DataScope Support may ask you to Grant Login Access in order to assist you with a question, issue, or request. This is so that Support can log into the application using your login to troubleshoot and fix issues stemming from your inquiry.
You must grant access to them, but please be assured that no one can log in to your account to resolve support issues unless you grant access in this way. 

  1. On your Web Platform, go to Settings > App Settings

  2. Click on Advanced Config

  3. Mark the "Grant Access to DataScope Support User" option

  4. Click on Save


If the field is already selected, please unselect it and click on “Save”.

After, select it again and click on “Save” once again.

Caution: DataScope Support will never ask for your password, either via phone or email. If you receive any email requests for your password from a source pretending to be DataScope, please report it here.


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