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How to modify the types of status that I can assign to each form?
How to modify the types of status that I can assign to each form?

Here you can add, modify or delete status to be used on your account forms

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It's possible to assign statuses to the forms filled out by your team. They help organize the collected data and identify the forms that lack information.

📌 How to set the statuses of a responded form?

The statuses of the forms can be defined in the Resume section. In this screen, you should access the form for which you want to assign a status and click on the No Status button, then choose an option. See the image below:

📌 How to customize my statuses?

To be able to add, modify or delete status to the completed forms, you must enter the Forms tab at the DataScope web platform and click on 'Form states'.

You will find a list with all available status on your account:

In this section you can:

  • Add a new status: by pressing "New Status", you will be able to define the details of your new status:

-Name: the name of the new status (ex. Approved, Rejected, To be reviewed)

-Description: the details of the status

-Code: a unique code

-Color: the color that will be shown on the form (ex. Rejected = color red)

Click on Save.

  • Modify a status name or color: By clicking on the pencil icon of the status you wish to modify, you can edit the details of the existing status:

  • Delete a status: To delete a status, simply click on the trash can icon to delete it:

📌 Traceability of State Changes:

Once you have configured your states, you will be able to apply them in the "Resume" tab on the platform. Here's an example:

Each time a state change occurs, you can consult the details of the user who made the modification, as well as the date and time it was made.

Additionally, whenever a state change occurs, the user will receive a notification on their mobile device informing them of the change. They can later view it by accessing the 'My History > Completed' option.

📌 Workflow Generation Through State Changes:

In DataScope, you have the possibility to create workflows using Zapier. This integration allows you to connect DataScope with other platforms for more effective management. You can access this feature through the following [link].

Take advantage of state changes to design workflows that streamline your processes and increase efficiency in managing your forms. For example, you can automate specific actions when a form is changed to a particular state, such as notifying a team or sending confirmation emails. DataScope's flexibility allows you to tailor workflows to your specific needs.


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