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How to answer a form from the web?

Step by step to complete an online form

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In DataScope, you can answer your forms from the web by following these simple steps:

  1. Access the "Forms" option from the main menu:

  2. On the next screen, the list of forms available or to which you have permissions will appear, locate the one you want to complete and click on the "Fill out" option:

3. Your response will be registered with the username with which you are logged into the web platform.

For a user to be able to respond both from the web and from the app, it is necessary to grant the "Answer Forms" permissions. This can be easily done through the platform (See more here) , as shown in the image:

📌 Please note:

While most of the functionality is available on both the web and the DataScope app, there are a few exceptions:

  • Conditional queries do not work in the web version.

  • GPS data cannot be logged from the web.

  • Scanner type questions are not available in the web version.

  • Photo question, even if you have gallery disabled, can only be answered by adding an image from your computer's file manager.

📌 Important:

If a user answers a form from the web via a public link (See more here), their answer will be logged as such. If you want the response to be registered with the account username, it is necessary for the user to log in and respond directly from the "Forms > Fill Out" option.


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