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Question types and how do they change on the import or export
Question types and how do they change on the import or export

How does the different types of questions change once the form is imported or exported on DataScope or Google Forms

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It is possible to import or export a form from your account in DataScope to Google Forms and from Google Forms to DataScope.

It is important to note some configuration details between the platforms:

1. Exporting a form from Google Forms to Datascope:

In general, the titles and descriptions are kept, as well as the mandatory questions (the exceptions are questions in Datascope that do not allow mandatory questions, such as Checklists).

The Google sections are replicated as the "labels" shown in the numbered PDF's (the first section in a Google Form corresponds to the title of the form).

Some important points:

  • Images, videos, Google Forms titles are ignored.

  • Duration questions are ignored because they have no counterpart in Datascope.

  • The upload questions are sent to DataScope as a Photo type of question.

  • The checkbox grids are translated into several checklist questions, with titles of the type "Question Title - Row Name" and with options the columns of the question.

2. Exporting a Datascope form to Google Forms:

Some important points:

  • Signature, Scanner and Photo questions are ignored as Google Forms do not support an equivalent to this type of question.

  • The number type questions go to text questions with a number validation.

  • The questions type "Number Data" and "Text Data" transforms into several short text questions (number questions will have a number validation).

  • The Instruction question is ignored.

  • For Repeatable Fields, questions are added as if they were loose on the form.


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