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How to install the DataScope Add-on at Google Forms?
How to install the DataScope Add-on at Google Forms?

Find out how to use your Google Forms in DataScope and store all your data in one single place!

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With the new Add-on DataScope for Google Forms, you can now:

  1. Export a form from your Google Forms account to your DataScope account

  2. View the responses received by Google Forms in your DataScope account

  3. Import forms from your DataScope account to Google Forms

📌 Installation

To install the DataScope Add-on, access this link and click the Install button:

Then, you must grant authorization to access your DataScope account (if you do not have one, you will be redirected to create your account in this step).

📌 How to use

1. Exporting a form from Google Forms to DataScope

  1. When the installation is complete, you need to open the Google Form you want to link to run the plug-in. Then, click on the Add-on icon and select the option "DataScope", as shown in the following image:

2. The message below will be displayed and you must select the option "Launch DataScope":

3. This will open the DataScope Add-on menu, where you can export your form:

4. After the form is exported, the other options will be displayed in the Add-on menu, as follows:

The options displayed will be:

  • Export form: replicate the Google form in your DataScope account.

  • Edit exported form: on the Mobile Form Builder at DataScope

  • View App Responses: see responses to this form in your DataScope account.

  • Invite users: add users to your DataScope account so that they can respond to forms using our application.

  • Google Spreadsheet: Integrate your DataScope account with Google Sheets. This way, your form responses will appear on a Google spreadsheet.

Advanced Settings

The "Show advanced configuration" button allows you to view the advanced settings for the integration. The options are:

  • Change email: allows you to change the DataScope account to which you want to export the form.

  • Reset settings: allows you to return to the default settings.

  • Configure response trigger: allows you to enable or disable the response sending from your Google Forms account to your DataScope account. (By default all responses received on the Google Form after the exportation will be automatically sent to your DataScope account.)

  • Import form: allows you to import a form from DataScope to Google Forms (see below)

2. Import a form from DataScope to Google Forms

If you want to share your forms through a link (URL / link), you can Share your forms from the Web Platform or use the Google Forms Add-on.

  1. In any form in Google Forms, click on the DataScope Add-on to open the Menu.

  2. Click on "Show Advanced Configuration" and "Import Form":

3. Select the form you want to import from your DataScope account and click on "Import":

4. Wait for the confirmation of the platform and click to open it. The form will be sent to your Google Drive.

5. All set! The responses of your imported form, made using the link of the Google Form, will be automatically sent to DataScope as well.

TIP: From the Add-on menu, in "Configure Response Trigger" you can install triggers and delete them to configure if the responses are sent to Datascope or not from the form that is being edited.

📌 Important:

  • The addon supports installing up to 20 triggers, so you can have a maximum of 20 different forms sending responses from Google Forms, for each Google Account (Gmail).

  • To use a different email than the Google account, you can use the "change email" option.


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