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Can I import surveys from Google Forms?

How to import a previously created form in Google Forms to DataScope

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Import your Google Form in seconds

This functionality allows you to import previously created surveys on the Google Forms platform into DataScope.

DataScope automatically identifies Google questionnaire questions and transcribes them into our Mobile Form Builder.

In addition, after importing, responses received on your Google Form will also be sent directly to your DataScope account.

📌 How is it done?

  1. Log into your account at, go to the "Mobile Forms" tab and click on the "Import Google Form" button.

To see this screen, click on "Switch to old version" at the bottom of the page:

2. Fill in the fields to authorize DataScope (to use your survey) with an email that has editing permissions on the form. It is only necessary to grant authorization once.

3. Enter the edit page of your Google Form and copy the URL that is in the top bar of your browser.

*This link must be the edition of the questionnaire and can be identified by noticing the text "edit" at the end of the URL.

4. Return to the DataScope page and paste the URL into the box. Click on the "Import Google Form" button and wait for a few seconds.

5. Ready! Your form will be automatically saved after import and you can edit it immediately.

📌 Frequently asked questions

➡️ Are questions that include text with photos imported?

Our developers are currently working to include questions with text and photos on the DataScope forms. While this functionality remains under construction, the items imported from Google Forms that includes photos are only integrated as text.

This means, for example, that if a type of question includes a photo or an image, only the text of the question will be imported. 


  • Images, videos, titles and "duration" questions on your Google Forms are not imported.

  • The "upload" questions are transformed into a "Photo" type of question.

  • The Checkbox Grids are translated into several questions in a Checklist, with titles such as "Question title - Row name" and options in the question columns.

➡️ Are conditional questions imported with the form?

When trying to import conditional questions from Google Forms, you should keep in mind that they are not automatically configured in DataScope, but you can configure them manually.

For this, you must click on the question and then on "Advanced Options"*.

*Remember that this functionality is only included in our Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans.

➡️ Can't load the form or have an error?

  1. Open a new tab, go to, and at the top right, log out of all your Google accounts.

  2. Click on this link and access the account that has permission to EDIT the form you want to import. 

  3. Follow the instructions on the DataScope Web Platform.

TIP: your original form in Google Forms must have at least one question to be successfully imported into DataScope.

➡️ Trying to import a form from a different e-mail to the one registered at DataScope?

If you want to import forms that are in an account (@gmail) different from your account registered atDataScope (@company), use one of the following options:

1. If @company is a gmail-type email (from Google), you can share the forms you have with this user (@company, giving them editing permissions, or

2. You can use the DataScope Add-on for Google Forms. Use the "Change email" option in the Advanced Configuration before exporting the forms. (You only have to change the e-mail once). This is the best option if you would like to import multiple forms.

➡️ Will responses from the imported form be automatically sent to DataScope?

Yes, after importing, whenever the form is answered on Google Forms, the answer will be sent automatically to DataScope.

If you do not want responses to be sent, one solution is to duplicate the form in DataScope and delete the original (which has the connection).

Important: if the answer is sent through the DataScope App (offline), it will not be reflected on your Google Forms account. You will access them only through our web platform, on the Resume section.

➡️ Is there a limit to the number of forms I can import?

This functionality allows the import of up to 20 forms from Google Forms to DataScope, for each Google account (Gmail).


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