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Details of submitting responses from a Google Form to DataScope
Details of submitting responses from a Google Form to DataScope

Details on submitting form responses on Google Forms to DataScope

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When a response is sent from Google Forms to DataScope, generally all data in the response is sent, including file links and even "duration" questions that are currently not supported in Datascope.

*The file links are from Google Drive and, to open them, you may need to have the appropriate permissions to access these files.

In general, Datascope and Google forms can be modified independently, but if responses are being sent from Google to Datascope, it must always be linked to a single Datascope form, through initial import / export.

📌 User who responds to the form:

Emails are collected only with the "Collect email address" option enabled on the Google Form.

With the option to collect emails from Google Forms, if the email matches the email of any user registered in DataScope, this response will be automatically attributed to him/her.

If the email does not correspond to a valid DataScope account, the answer will be assigned to the "Google Forms user" and an extra question called "email" will also be added to the beginning of the form's reply.

If there is no email collection, the respondent will always be identified as a "Google Forms user".

If the form creator on Google Form has a G Suite account (for companies), he can set up the options "Collect email address" and "Restrict to users (company)" on the form. The email registered in the response will be the one the respondent is logged in to.


  • Edits/updates made to responses sent via Google Forms, using Google Forms, will not be reflected in DataScope (data will not be updated).

  • If you need to make any changes to your form, you need to change it in DataScope first. If you change the form directly in Google Foms, the integration will be suspended and you will have to integrate it again.


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