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How to generate a link to share your forms from DataScope
How to generate a link to share your forms from DataScope

How to share your forms with a public link (URL)

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At DataScope you can generate links to share and send your forms using a URL by email, messaging applications, create QR codes, among other options.

You have two options to share your forms through a link: share it directly on DataScope or through a Google Forms integration.

📌 Share it directly on DataScope:

  1. Access the Forms tab on the Web Platform.

  2. Click on the form you would like to share: Configure > Share.

3. A dialog box will open with two tabs: Mobile and Computer.

3.1: Selecting Mobile will allow you to scan the QR Code with your mobile device and respond to it from the DataScope app:

3.2. Selecting "Computer" and then "Make this form public" will generate a link that you can access from any web browser.

You can also access the sharing option by opening the form and clicking on the share icon, as shown below:

Any person, both registered and non-registered users, will be able to complete this form if you share the public link with them. Their responses will be recorded under a generic user name (e.g., webforms_user_245@datascope).

You can also share the link to an email address. It's important that when adding the email(s), you must provide a space to ensure it is sent correctly:

or via WhatsApp:

If desired, in the future, you can disable public access by clicking on Remove public access to the form.

PS: Responses will automatically arrive in the Resume section of your account.

📌 Please note:

Although most functionalities are available in both the web and DataScope app, there are some exceptions:

  • Conditional questions do not work in the web version.

  • GPS data cannot be recorded from the web.

  • Scanner type questions are not available in the web version.

  • The photo question, even if the gallery is disabled, can only be answered by adding an image from your computer's file manager.


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