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How to complete a form in DataScope?

Instruction on how the users of your account can complete a form using the DataScope app

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At DataScope, forms are answered using our application, available for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. 

Once a form is created in your DataScope account, there are two ways for users to respond it. The first is to give them access to the forms so that they can respond whenever necessary. The second is to assign them a specific task using our Task Assign functionality (see: How to assign a task a user?).

The instructions for each case are shown below:

1. Form tab:

  • You must display the menu in the App

  • Click on Forms

  • Choose the Form you wish to complete

  • Form questions will be displayed

2. Assigned Tasks Tab:

  • You must display the menu in the App

  • Click Task Assigned

  • Choose the task you want to complete

  • Form questions will be displayed

*Screenshot of the application menu

While answering the questions on the form, three buttons will be shown at the bottom of your screen:

  • To pass the question you must press the Next button

  • To go back from question, you must press the Back button

  • If you press the Menu button in the center, you can see all the questions and select the one you wish to reply to.

Completed: This status indicates that the question has been fully answered. For questions that include lists of data, it is verified whether all items in the list have been answered and if all specified conditions have been met.

Incomplete: This status is assigned to questions that, although answered, require additional validation. For example, if the provided numerical value is not within the specified range or if a list question does not have all its items answered. In the case of comment-type questions with images, it is considered incomplete if the mandatory note is missing on any item or if no response is provided either in the comment or the image.

Not completed: This status applies to questions that have not received any response so far.

It is also possible to respond to your DataScope forms via the web:

--> From your account: Click the button below to find out how:

--> Through a public link (URL): Click the button below to find out how:


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