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Step 1: How to create forms?

Guide to the Mobile Form Creator Tool

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Welcome to DataScope!

Get started and enjoy the benefits of working digitally! With this guide, we will walk you through a few easy steps so you can start setting up your account. 

Our Form Builder allows you to easily create, personalize and edit any type of mobile form. 

1.- How to start? 

To create and edit your own forms, first enter our Web Portal and login using your username and password. In case you don't have an account yet, in this article we will show you how to create your account: "Step 0: Can we use DataScope for free?"

2.- Where to start?

The configuration of your forms is done at the "Form" tab, which will be displayed immediately once the session is started on our web portal.

To start creating a new form you must click on the "New Form" button or you can use one of the example forms that are already available inside your account (Configure> Modify App).

You can also use any of the available templates:

3.- Who can do so?

To create and edit forms, the DataScope user must have authorization from the account administrator, in order to access the Mobile Form Builder. 

Here you will find more information about the permissions that can be limited to each user: Can I limit the permissions to each user?

4.- What kind of forms can I create?

With DataScope you can create 100% personalized forms for Inspections, Certifications, Work Orders, Quality Checklist, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Surveys, Attendance Controls and much more. DataScope gives you the flexibility to create custom forms using all the many types of questions available. 

Ready, set, go! 

With these simple steps, you can start setting up your first digital form. To add questions, review the following article, where you will find the ultimate guide to assemble your form, choose the appropriate question for each case and how to configure them into your form.



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