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Step 5 - How to assign a task to a user?
Step 5 - How to assign a task to a user?

Instructions to assign a task to a DataScope user

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With our Task Assignment Tool, you can assign forms to your work team. This way, they will always know the activities to perform during the day.

📌 How to assign a new task?

At DataScope you can assign a task manually (one by one) or massively.

1. Assign a task manually

To assign a task, click on the tab Tasks Assign> New Task and complete the following fields:

➡️ New Task:

  • Users: user (person) that will receive the task (can select one or more users)

  • Forms: The form(s) that the assigned user must complete as part of the task (you can select one or more forms).

  • Date: The day the task should be completed. If the task is recurring, you can select all the necessary days.

  • Time: The start time of the task.

  • Hours to complete the task: The time frame (in hours) given to the user to complete the task.

  • Place (optional): The location where the task should be completed.

  • Description (optional): In this field, you can add specific information about the task. This information will be viewed by the user before starting to fill out the form.

  • Add Tasks (optional): A checklist where additional tasks can be added that are not related to the form (e.g., "Bring samples from client facilities").

When creating a task, it is possible to specify whether or not the user is allowed to respond after the indicated date and duration.

➡️ Configuration:

  • Make this task mandatory (All users must answer the task): These tasks must be completed by all users within the specified time frame. The option to reject the task is not offered, so each user is required to meet the requirements before the deadline.

  • Make this task voluntary (All users can accept/reject the task): These tasks allow users to choose whether they want to accept or reject them. Upon receiving a voluntary task, users can decide if they want to commit to completing it. If they accept the task, they must complete it within the indicated time frame. If they reject the task, they have no obligation to complete it.

➡️ Notification:

  • It is possible to automatically generate reminders with the data on when tasks need to be opened. These alerts or notifications can be sent by email or to the mobile device of your team member or user, indicating that they have an upcoming activity to complete, specifying the date, time, and place where the task needs to be completed.

2. Import tasks massively

📌 How to complete a task?

The tasks are completed using the DataScope app. Click on the button below to know more about how to do it:

📌 How can I know if a task was completed?

To monitor the completion of assigned tasks, follow these steps:

➡️ Accessing the Web Portal:

  • Go to the "Tasks Assign" tab on the DataScope web portal.

  • Here you will be able to view all assigned tasks according to the parameters of the applied filters.

Important: By default, when you enter "Tasks Assign," tasks assigned from 30 days before to 30 days after the current date will be displayed.

➡️ Task Statuses:

Tasks can have 5 different statuses:

  • Sent: The task has just been created and assigned.

  • In Progress: This status applies only to voluntary tasks. It occurs when the operator accepts the task from the mobile app.

  • Complete: The task is marked as complete when the operator responds to the assigned form.

  • Rejected: Exclusive to voluntary tasks. It is activated when the operator rejects the task from the mobile app. In this case, the task is removed from the operator's app.

  • Incomplete: Assigned to a task that cannot be delivered outside of the designated time and has exceeded its deadline for completion.

This status system provides a clear view of the progress and status of each task, thus facilitating the management and tracking of work.

On the other hand, in this same section you have available the option, Timeline, a calendar in which you can graphically monitor the tasks assigned by user.

To manipulate the table you must take into account the following actions:

  • Double click on the task: it will allow you to open the details, showing a box like the image below:

→ Clicking on the preview icon will take you to the details of the form that the user has answered.

→ In the History option, you can see the date and time the task was assigned.

  • By pressing the Shift key + mouse wheel, you can scroll the timeline from left to right or vice versa.

  • If you press the alt key + mouse wheel, you can zoom or zoom out.


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