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How to show the GPS location map on the Custom PDF?
How to show the GPS location map on the Custom PDF?

Steps to show the geolocation map in your custom PDF.

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In case you need to add the geolocation map in your Custom PDF, you can configure it by entering Forms > Configure > PDF > Customized PDF, then enter the "Open PDF Editor" button, as shown on the following image:

Once inside the editor, you can see the structure of the PDF. On the left side, you will access the set of available components to structure the document, and on the right side, the properties and format of the selected component.

To add your map, you just have to follow the following steps:

1.Choose an element from Image:

2. In the Value option, you will add the expression with the data that will allow the map to be displayed:

3. The expression has to be adapted according to your form, so that the latitude / longitude data can be updated (in bold):{k_Cliente_1::latitude},%20{k_Cliente_1::longitude}&visible={k_Cliente_1::latitude},%20{k_Cliente_1::longitude}&zoom=15&key=AIzaSyB39JUuV_2N_2i-bh6tzAfPcEWxeUh777c

These data in bold are examples, which you must replace with your data, which you can get from the first question in "Insert Data Field", as shown below:

4. You can then click Preview to view the preview and verify that it worked:

5. Click Save and your Custom PDF map will appear.


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