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How to customize the PDF generated in DataScope?
How to customize the PDF generated in DataScope?

A practical guide to customize the format of the PDF document that is generated with the responses of the forms.

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This guide shows how to perform a customization for both cases.

Standard PDF

Your organization’s information and logo will be displayed on the upper left side of the document, as shown in the following image:

Below are the steps to customize your PDF documents:

➡️ Organization Information

To customize your organization information, you must enter the Settings > App Settings and complete the form with the information of your organization, such as name, e-mail, address, telephone. 

➡️ Organization Logo

To add your organization's logo to your PDF forms, you must insert it on the Forms > Configure > PDF. In the "Form Logo" section you can upload the image with the logo or use a URL of the image.

Note: The file must be in .png or .jpg format, of square proportions, with a recommended dimension 150x150 and a maximum size of 2 MB.

➡️ HTML or image at the footer of the Standard PDF Page

On this same page (Forms > Configure > PDF) you can add an HTML or an image to your Standard PDF footer.

The image needs to be in a URL format. You can upload it to pages that allow you to submit photos and deliver a link (URL) or to a Google Drive and then set it to "anyone with the link can edit it" and get the link.

Custom PDF

(available in our Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plan)

If you need a specific PDF format, you can configure it by entering Forms > Configure > PDF > Customized PDF, then enter the "Open PDF Editor" button, as shown on the following image:

Once inside the editor, you can see the structure of the PDF. On the left side, you will access the set of available components to structure the document, and on the right side, the properties and format of the selected component.

The components available to be used on the form structure are:

  • Text: Number or text field

  • Table: Grouping data as a table

  • Container: Allows grouping different components that can be repeated

  • Chart: Add a chart

  • Barcode: Add a Barcode

  • QR Code: Add a QR Code

  • Image: Insert an image (such as a signature)

  • Header: Add a header in the document

  • Footer: Add a footer in the document

  • Rectangle: Add a rectangle in the document

  • V. Line: Allows you to insert a vertical line

  • H. Line: Allows you to insert a horizontal line

  • Page number: Add number of pages to the document

  • Symbol: Add a symbol in the document.

To add a component in the PDF document, select and drag it to the desired position on the page. To link a component with the form data, you must double click on the component and then select the "Insert Data Field" button.

This will display a list of the questions that the form has, along with the specific fields of each one. To display the specific fields, you must click on the white arrow shown on the left of the question name, as shown in the following image:

Note: To be able to see the questions with their respective elements, it is necessary to have generated at least one answer of the form, using all possible alternatives, from the DataScope application.

From the fields of the questions shown, the relevant ones to add to the form are:

  • name: Corresponds to the name of the question

  • value: Corresponds to the value/answer of the question

After selecting the field to assign to the PDF component, just click on the "Insert Data Field" button.

To save the progress of the PDF edition you must enter File> Save.

⚠️ Need help with advanced features? Check out the Support Portal:

➡️ Important Tips:

  • To preview the PDF document that is being configured, you can enter the View> Preview tab. This action will generate the PDF Document, using the values of the last form response.

  • For a better experience, use the Google Chrome browser.

  • Can't find the answers to connect on Insert Data Field? You must generate at least one answer by answering all questions. The Editor will always bring the data of the last form's submission.

📌 How to activate your custom PDF

Once the PDF is configured, contact us through the Chat of the DataScope platform to activate your personalized PDF.

Note: This feature (Custom PDF) is available in our Standard, Premium, and Enterprise Plans.


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