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How to edit a form?

Steps to edit a DataScope Form already created

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To edit a form, you must access the Forms section of the web platform.

Once there, you will be able to do three types of modifications to each form, by clicking on the Configure button, next to the form you want to edit.

  1. Modify APP: Here you will be able to make changes to the questions of your forms, adding or removing questions as well.

  1. PDF: Here you will be able to add your company logo. It will be shown on the upper left corner of your form. To optimize the quality of the image for the PDF, consider this: It must be a square image, with recommended dimensions of 150 x 150 and a maximum size of 2mb.

  1. Email: Here you will be able to configure the sender name of the email, the text body and the download Link of the PDF file.


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