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Can DataScope work offline?
Can DataScope work offline?

Learn how DataScope can work offline

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The DataScope mobile app is designed to work offline.  Users can to fill out and submit forms when their device does not have a network connection.  No data will be lost.  Submitted forms can be sent in by synchronising it once a network connection is available.

However, the device does still need to be sync periodically, especially in order for submitted forms to be sent to the server. Otherwise, submitted forms will be stored locally (only on the device) in the app's Pending tab.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to use only one device per user to avoid any loss of information.

If workers are frequently in areas with no network connection, administrators should plan accordingly, and not expect field users to have new data the moment they make changes to a form or data.  If an update to a form/data source has been made that is absolutely essential for users to have, it may be advisable for administrators to send out a communication to all users reminding them to find the time to reconcile before beginning work on their forms.

How to synchronize pending forms?

However, it is recommended to synchronize the device periodically, especially to send form responses to the server. Otherwise, the data will be stored locally (only on the device) in the 'My History' tab and will not appear on the web portal.

There are two ways to perform synchronization:

  • Whenever DataScope is started, the system will attempt to synchronize any pending forms as soon as the internet connection is restored.

  • It is also possible to manually synchronize forms in the 'My History' section by pressing the 'Sync Answers' button or by dragging the list of forms down in the following way:


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