At DataScope it is possible to modify a form submission sent by any user to make corrections, review the data and make adjustments if necessary.

Later, in the Changes History (Resume section), you can review and track all changes made to the form that was submitted, to obtain even more traceability and security in your processes.

In DataScope it is possible to modify the data of an answer already sent in two ways:

1. Through the DataScope mobile app:

The user himself will be able to edit his own answer directly using the mobile app:

2. Through the DataScope Web Platform:

The user himself or another user (who has permission to modify responses enabled) can modify the response sent via the web platform.

After locating the answer in the Resume section, click to open (1) and view the data. Click on the "Modify Answers" button (blue color - 2):

3. Make the necessary changes and click EDIT to save them.

4. All set! You can now review the changes in the Resume section.

TIP: Can't see the Modify Responses button in the application or on the web platform?

Check with the account administrator that the user has the necessary permissions to modify responses. More details on this link.


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