Below are the instructions on how to modify a form response that has already been submitted.

Before making a modification to an answered form, it is important to check beforehand that your user has the permissions to modify answers. (More information about the user’s permits here)

To modify a record that has been already sent, you must:

  1. Login to the DataScope application on your mobile device 

  2. Click on the Menu

  3. Enter the "My History" tab of Completed Forms

  4. Select the Form you want to edit

  5. Press the button: Modify Form

  6. This will allow you to enter the form again with the previous answers pre-loaded. You can modify the questions you want and then finalize the form.

 Note: Only the user who answered the form can modify his or her own answers, through the DataScope app. 

Can't see the "Modify Form" button?

You probably do not have permission to edit an answer already sent. Review your account's permission accesses with the Admin user from your account according to this link.


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