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How to reflect the data of the task assigned in the exportation?
How to reflect the data of the task assigned in the exportation?

How to view the task assignment data when exporting the form in PDF, Excel or Google Sheets.

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With our Task Assignment tool, you can assign forms to other users in your account so that they can be filled out at the specified time and place. This way, you and your team will be able to know at all times what activities should be developed during the day, managing them in real time.

While assigning a task, you will be able to complete the following fields:

  • User: user (person) that will receive the task (can select one or more users)

  • Form name: Form that the user must fill

  • Location: Place where the user has to fill the form

  • Date: When the user has to perform the task. Here you can choose more than one day in case the task has to be performed several times

  • Time: When to start performing the assigned task

  • Hours to perform the task: Time frame for the user to complete a task.

  • Task description (optional): Add specific information about the task that the user has to perform. This message will appear at the beginning of the form when the user opens the task.

  • Checklist task (optional): Add a checklist on which you can assign other tasks to be performed at the same place and time, but that has no relation with the form.

Some of this data can be automatically reflected in the data export, depending on the type of export, as follows:

📍 1. PDF Standard

If you are using the Standard version of the PDF (generated automatically), the following data will be automatically reflected at the top of the exported document:

  • Place: location / client

  • Location: of the location / client (from your Location list)

  • Responsible: user that had completed the form

Important: in order for you to automatically reflect this data, your form must not contain selection questions linked to the customer list.

📍 2. Google Sheets

When integrating your form with Google Sheets, you will automatically receive the collected data, including the task assignment information:

  • Assigned date: date of the task

  • Assigned time: assigned time for the task

  • Assigned location: location/client of the task

  • Assigned location code: location code of the assigned task

  • First answer: date and time of the first answer sent

  • Last answer: date and time of the last answer of the form

  • Minutes to perform: how much time the user has spent completing the form

This way, you can also use these indicators in your daily analysis operations.

📍 3. Excel

When exporting the data of a completed task, you will be able to see the following data automatically on the exported Excel file:

  • Assign Start: date and time for which the task was assigned

  • Assign Location: location (client) for which the task was assigned

  • Assign Description: details that have been added in the assignment of the task ("Description" field)


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