Google Sheet Configuration:

  1. Open a file in Google Sheets.
  2. In the top right corner, click Share.
  3. Click "Get shareable link" in the top right of the "SHARE" box.
  4. To choose whether a person can view, comment, or edit the file, click the Down arrow next to "Get Link > Change"
  5. Select the option "Anyone with the link" > EDITOR.
  6. Copy the link and click on Done.

Configuration at DataScope:

  1. Log in to DataScope and enter the Integrations tab
  2. Click on "Google Spreadsheet Beta"
  3. And then on New Google Spreadsheet.
  4. Select the form you want to integrate with Google Sheets.
  5. Paste the shared link from the Google Sheets spreadsheet that you have copied.
  6. Save the configuration.

Each Google Sheet file can be integrated with one form (it cannot integrate with multiple forms).

TIP: If you need to export your data into a Google Sheet, it is necessary to integrate your form with the sheet before you start sending answers to that form. Only the new data sent after the integration will be reflected on your Google Sheet document. 


Check out this informative video on how to integrate your

DataScope forms with Google Sheets:


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