How to delete draft forms?

Tips for eliminating incomplete or pending forms (drafts) in the DataScope application.

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Started a form but didn't finish it, and you want to delete it?

Your drafts are cleaned up automatically as new forms are completed. The device will save a maximum of 80 drafts; and if they are not synchronized, they will be permanently deleted.

📌 How can I delete drafts?

A tip to solve this need is to continue completing the form, finished it, and then delete it.

Here are the details on how to do this using the DataScope application:

1. Click on the tab: My Hystory > Pending

2. Click to open the form you want to delete and then click on "Modify Form"

3. Keep completing the form until you finish and submit it (the app will display a confirmation as a pop up on the screen)

4. Now, go to the My Hystory > Completed tab to delete the form as the instructions below:

Do you want to delete the form on the Web Platform?

After you have completed and submitted the form that was in draft form, you can also delete it on the web platform (Resume tab), as follows:


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