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How to delete an answer?

Steps to delete an answer form the platform

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Record deletion can be done from the mobile device that submitted the response or through the Web Platform

📌 From the App:

To delete an answer, you should go to the DataScope App Main Menu > My History > Completed then simply swipe left the answer that you want to delete and confirm by pressing "Delete".


When you delete a response, it will always show a dash in the application to indicate that it has been deleted but it will not disappear from your history. They are available so that you can retrieve them if necessary.

📌 From our Web Platform:

It is also possible to delete responses in the Resume section, directly on the DataScope web platform:

  1. In the Resume section, select the answer you want to delete using the platform filters

  2. Click on the gray icon with a white arrow on the right side of the file

  3. When opening the answer, identify the section "No Status" and click to open the menu with more options.

  4. Select the "Delete" option.

As shown on the image below:

After performing this procedure, the answer will be highlighted in red. Refresh your page (F5) so that the answer disappears from your list.

If you want to access this answer again, just use the platform filters to search under "Select States> Deleted".

Web Platform:

When you delete your answers, on the Web Platform they will initially be marked in red. Refresh the page so that they are removed from your view. Whenever you need, you can access them in the Summary Section, using the “Deleted” filter.


NOTE: Your forms or responses that have been deleted, will appear with a "strikethrough" (horizontal line). This data will not appear on exports or on charts.

But, it is not possible to permanently remove them from the platform. Visually, they appear "crossed out" and available in case you need to recover any previous record and not to lose the traceability of your data.

📌 Is it possible to delete a draft form?

Yes, It is possible to delete a draft however, they are automatically deleted as new forms are completed. The device holds a maximum of 80 sketches. If they are not synchronized, they will be permanently deleted over time.


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