How to recover a deleted answer?

Steps to recover a response that was deleted in the DataScope app

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To recover an answer that was deleted in the DataScope application (see how to delete an answer here), simply follow these steps:

1. Access the Resume tab on the DataScope Web Platform to find the answer you want to retrieve. To do this, use the filters by selecting the "Deleted" option as shown in the following image:

2. Click to open the answer and then change it's status, selecting "Recover" as shown in the image below:

3. All set! The answer can now be accessed in the application if you want to modify it, and also viewed in the Resume section.


➡️ Can't find the answer on the Resume tab?

If you are unable to locate the deleted answer in Summary, confirm that you are using all possible variables of the filter in this section correctly. Also, confirm with your Account Administrator that you have access to view responses (see more details here).

➡️ Can't see the status change in the app?

When the answer is deleted, it is "crossed out" so that it can be identified in the application. When you retrieve it, you will be able to see it automatically without the crossing line, as an active response.

If this does not happen automatically, you can synchronize the application manually (see here how to do this).


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