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How to import tasks massively?
How to import tasks massively?

How to import tasks massively using the DataScope Web Platform

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To import tasks massively, you must access your account on the DataScope Web Platform. Then, enter the Task Assign tab.

First, download the Excel sample file, by clicking on the Download Template button.

The required columns to make the task assignment are as follows:

  • Form name*: The name of the form you want to assign. It must be exactly the same as it appears in the “Name” column of the Forms section.

  • User Email*: The email used when creating the user. It is possible to check it on your user list at Settings > Users.

  • Datetime*: Date and time of the task. It must be loaded using the following format dd / mm / yyyy HH: MM

There are other fields that are not mandatory, however their corresponding use is explained below.

  • Location code: Corresponds to the code of the place where the task will be done at. This can be found in the "Code" column of the Locations List.

If you need the tasks to have a specific location in your address book, you need to add the code from that list.

  • Name, Address, Email, Phone Location: Required if you want to create another contact.

  • ID To Update Task: This field is required only if you want to modify a previously assigned task.

  • Time Gap: Number of hours to complete the task

  • Description: here you can specify details that the user needs to see when answering the task, more details here.

After filling out the sample file following the instructions above, save and import it to the platform using the orange Import Tasks button.

All set! Now your tasks will be available on the DataScope platform.


Check out this informative video on how to assign tasks to your users at DataScope:


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