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How to complete a task at DataScope
How to complete a task at DataScope

Steps to complete a task assigned to a user at DataScope through the app

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At DataScope, you can assign tasks (forms) to your work team to be completed at the desired time and place. This way, they will be able to know at any time what activities they should develop during the day.

The tasks currently assigned can only be completed through the mobile app.

📌 How to complete a task on DataScope?

Once the task is assigned, the user will receive a notification on their device:

The user can also access the "Task Assigned" tab to see all assigned tasks:

By clicking on this tab, you will be able to see all the tasks assigned to your user.

On this first screen you can view a map with the task's address (blue button as shown below):

Once inside the task, the information in the "Task Description" and "Task Checklist" fields will be in a blue button at the bottom of the screen, on the right as shown below:

Click the button to view the information:

Click to close the task details and start completing the form (task).

In order for a task to be monitored in the Assign Tasks section, it must be completed exclusively through the mobile app, under the Assigned Tasks option.

Once inside the form, you must complete it by answering the questions and using the buttons available at the bottom of the application. On each screen (question) you will find 3 buttons:

  • To pass the question or move on on the form, press the Next button

  • To go back to a previous question, press the Back button

  • If you press the Menu button in the center, you can see all the questions and select the one you wish to reply to.

❗ IMPORTANT: If you're not seeing some of your tasks, try adjusting the date filters.

📌 How to search for a task in DataScope?

Searching for a task in DataScope is a simple process. You have two main options to find your tasks:

  • Search Bar: Use the search bar at the top of the screen and search for the name of the form associated with the task you are looking for. As you type the form name, DataScope will display corresponding results, making it easy to locate the desired task.

  • Filtering by Date and Location: Another way to search for tasks is through the use of the filter represented by the funnel icon. By clicking on it, you can filter your tasks based on criteria such as date and location.

📌 How to monitor task fulfillment?

To manage the task performance you must click on the tab Task Assign, where all the assigned tasks will be exhibited. The task can have three colors, according to its progress:

  • Green: The task has been completed

  • Yellow: The task has not been performed yet, but is still within the deadline

  • Red: The deadline has passed and the task was not completed on time


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