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Export and visualize data
Export and visualize data

Manage, filter and export data

Is data synchronization automatic?How data synchronization occurs in DataScope, including the offline mode.

How to search for an answer?How to look for an specific answer at DataScope
How to find a form already submitted in DataScope?Step by step on how to find forms already submitted on the platform
How to export data into Excel?How to export data in Excel Spreadsheet
How to massively download PDFsLearn how to export the information from submitted forms to Excel or a PDF file!
How to use the Location filter in the Resume section?How to use the Location filter to filter your responses in the Resume section (Web Platform)
How to modify the types of status that I can assign to each form?Here you can add, modify or delete status to be used on your account forms
How can I remove the DataScope logo from the footer of my PDF document?How to customize the PDF generated at DataScope
Can't find an answer on Resume. What can I do?Steps to follow if you cannot find an answer on the Resume tab (Web Platform).
I can't export my form's submissions. What can I do?Procedures to check in case you are unable to export your answers
I can't receive emails from DataScopeIf your mailbox does not recognize the DataScope domain, you must add it to your whitelist
If I delete a form, will the answers of this form be deleted automatically?What happens with the answers of a form once you delete it from the Form Builder Platform
The forms' automatic date and/or time is incorrect. What can I do?Steps to verify if your form is showing an incorrect automatic date and/or time information.