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How to create related lists

Steps to create related lists in the construction of your forms

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Related lists group several options into one or more categories, which facilitates the selection according to the chosen group. A common example is the selection of country, state and city:

United States> New York> New York or

United States> California> Los Angeles.

To configure it in your form, you can use the question types: Single Choice or Single Option Data.

📌 Let's see how to configure it for the Single Choice question type:

  1. Choose the option: Single Choice, followed by Advanced Options, at the end of the question, you will find the alternative Related List.

2. By default, the platform places the following header: Country | City | Street with the separator | , but it can be replaced by the options you require:

Note: the separator must match the one placed in the header, for example: < Country - City - Street - Avenue> < Separator - > , otherwise an alert message will be displayed.

3. To save the question, click on the "Save" button.

❗Important: when using the related lists from this question the data will have to be manually placed inside the constructor.

📌 Let's see how to configure it for the Single Option Data Question type:

When dealing with very long lists, we recommend you to use the related lists from the Single Option Data question, in which you can create a Custom List with the options that can be selected.

Below you will find the details:

  1. Create a Custom List with all possible answer options in the "Name" field. Example:

United States - New York - New York

United States - California - Los Angeles

United States - Texas - Houston



  • to maintain the exact format of the Platform Excel Example

  • that the Name and Code fields must contain unique values

  • that the list name will be the name of your sheet (not the file's name).

  • The separator used (-) must be the same as the one set in the question.

Check the following link for instructions on how to import

lists massively on the platform:

2. Import your list into your DataScope account (Settings> Lists).

3. On your form, you must use a "Single Option Data" type of question and link it to the list created, in the option "Data List Source":

Continue creating your form and click on Save when you're ready.

📌 In the app, the related list is presented like this:


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