This type of question allows you to obtain a unique answer from a predetermined group of alternatives. 

Here's a demo of how to set up this question:

* Remember to activate English subtitles.

This type of question is used, for example, in cases where it is required to report the status of a location (good, regular or bad) or to choose a type of activity that will be done on site ( maintenance, installation or removal, for example). 

The answers must be previously defined in the platform, so the user cannot modify the default answers. 

**Pro tip: If you have more than 5 answer alternatives, we recommend you to use the “Single Option Data” type of question, where you can previously upload a list of answers and configure it as the question alternatives. 

  • To add the question in your form and define its function: 
  1. Click on the question or drag it into the form builder. 
  2. Go to the first field and define the Title of the question. In the next box (Question Instructions) you can insert a description or an explanation that is related to this question. 
  3. Define if this question is mandatory (Required) to continue with the form. 
  4. Define the "Choices". By default, the application presents three boxes with single selection alternatives to configure the question. To edit them, click on the blank box below the “Choice” option and type the alternatives you want to include in the form. 
  5. To add more options, you must click on the “Add Choice” box. On the contrary, if you want to eliminate one of the alternatives that have been configured, you must press the "x" button on the right side of the box. 
  6. To save the question, click the "Save form" button. 

📌No Name> Question Title> Question Instructions> Required > Choices > Save Form


All set!! 

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