In DataScope it is possible to adjust the quality of the photos presented in your forms.

This is an exclusive feature of our paid plans (Standard, Premium and Enterprise) and can be adjusted directly in your Mobile Form Builder.

Below you will find details on how to do this:

1. Access the Mobile Forms Builder tab, on your web platform

2. Access the form you want to edit (Configure> Modify APP) or create a New APP Form

3. Select the type of question "PHOTO"

4. In the question settings, you will find the details for configuring the quality of the photo you want to be sent when completing this form:

  • High: 1.000 max height x 1.000 max width

    • synchronization might take a little longer to ocurr

  • Mid: 800 max height x 800 max width

    • recommended

  • Low: 600 max height x 600 max width

    • standard quality (only option available on the Basic free plan)


  • The quality of the photos will also depend on the capacity of the smartphone / tablet camera.

Don't have access to adjust the quality of your photos?

Upgrade to one of our paid plans and start enjoying

this functionality! Click here to learn more.


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