Yes, it is possible to add as many photos as you wish to your form responses.

You can do this in two different ways:

1. Add more than one Photo question to your form (Mobile Form Builder)

In this case, the user can add a limited number of photos to the form's answer (as many photo questions as there are on the form).

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Check out the following article:

2. Use a Repeatable Field:

If you are not sure how many photos the user who will respond to your form will need, use the Repeatable Field to generate a loop of photo replies, where the user can add as many photos as needed.

Thus, there is no limit to how many photos the user can send in the response to his form.

Find below an explicative video of the Repeatable Fields:


📌 Is there a limit to the number of photos I can place on each form?

No, there is no current limitation to the quantity of photos that you can add to your form's submissions.

📌 Can I increase the quality of the collected photos?

The average size of the photos is about 25kb (600x500), but that is adjustable on our paid plans, also depending on the capacity of your device's camera (smartphone / tablet). Check out the complete details here.

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