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How to configure the "Photo" type question?

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This question allows you to add a photo to a form’s answer. You can configure so that the photo would need to be taken at the moment while answering the question or added from the device's gallery. 

The photos are a form of evidence to illustrate, for example, a work that has been completed, the failure of a product or the occurrence of an incident. 

Here's a demo of how to set up this question:

Here is an overview of how this type of question is presented on the app:

  • To add the question to your form and define its function: 

1. Click the "+" button (green color) or Add New Question in the lower-left corner.

2.In the new question, define:

  • Title: Define the question title. This field appears in the exported document.

  • Instruction: you can enter a description or explanation related to the question. This field appears only in the app, and does not appear in the exported document.

3. At the end of the question you will find the alternative: Required.

  • Required: you can define whether the question must be answered before proceeding to answer the form.

4. Click "Disable Gallery" to disable the option to import photos from the mobile device’s gallery while answering it, so it would be necessary that the photo is taken at that exact same moment. 

5. To save the question, click the "Save form" button. 


All set!!

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