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How to reassign a task?
How to reassign a task?

Steps to reassign a task to a user in DataScope.

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At DataScope, it is possible to reassign a task (forms) to your work team when they have not been able to complete it in the time that it was initially determined.

Important: Keep in mind that the tasks that were not completed in the set time will not appear in the application on the Task Assign tab.

  1. Enter the Tasks Assign tab in the web portal.

  2. You will view all the assigned tasks, according to the parameters of the applied filters. Those that are in Red color means that it had expired and the task was not finished at the given time.

3. To reassign the task, you must click the Edit button and then modify the Date or Time when the task should be completed.

4. This will automatically make it appear as pending in the app so the user can complete it, accessing it on the Task Assign tab on the DataScope app.

These steps can be executed to make any modification to the task, such as updating the Date or Time, the User, Form, Place, among others.

Tip: You can also click the alert icon, so that the user is notified again with the assigned task through a push-up notification that will be sent to the app.


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