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How can I view the description and checklist for an assigned task?
How can I view the description and checklist for an assigned task?

How to view the details of an assigned task in the DataScope application

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In DataScope, when assigning a task to a user, you can add more details, such as:

  • Task description (optional): In this field you can add specific information about the task to be performed. This information will be viewed by the user before starting to complete the form.

  • Task Checklist (optional): It is a checklist in which additional tasks can be added, but which are not related to the form (ex: "Bring samples from the customer's premises").

See below:

📌 How to view this information on the app?

When assigning a task, the user will receive a pop-up message on their device and, when clicking on the message, the form will open.

The user can also access the "Task Assigned" tab to see all assigned tasks:

By clicking on this tab, you will be able to see all the tasks assigned to your user.

On this first screen you can view a map with the task's address (blue button as shown below):

Once inside the task, the information in the "Task Description" and "Task Checklist" fields will be in a blue button at the bottom of the screen, on the right as shown below:

Click the button to view the information:


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