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Can I modify responses sent by another user?
Can I modify responses sent by another user?

How to modify or change responses sent by another user in DataScope.

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In DataScope it is possible, according to your user's permissions, to modify the responses and forms sent by other users.

Find the details below:

📌 On the Web Platform:

On the web platform, access the Resume section and click to open the answer you want to modify.

Click on the Modify Answers button (blue color):

Cannot see the button?

Your user probably does not have the necessary permissions to modify responses. In this case, the Administrator user for your account must add this permission to your user settings by going to Settings> Users.

Check more details about permissions here.

📌 On the DataScope App:

In the app, go to the All Answers tab > click on the header of the answer you want to edit. The application will present the Resume tab, on the web platform, so that you can edit the responses according to your permissions.

Important: It is necessary to have an internet connection.


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