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How to use the Form Builder?

Guide to getting started with DataScope using our form builder.

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The DataScope Forms Builder allows you to easily create and edit any type of mobile form.

1.- How to start?

To create and edit the forms, you must first enter our Portal and login with your username and password.

2.- Where to start?

The configuration of the forms made in the "Forms" section, which will be presented immediately after the start of your session on our web platform.

To start creating a new form, you must click on the "New form" button or import one of the example forms shown below on this same page, or that you already have in Google Forms.

3.- How does the new Forms work?

The new form creator for mobile devices is designed to make the user experience even simpler, easier, and optimized.

Here, we describe the main elements of the new Form Builder and how to use them:

  • In the "Form name" field, located at the top left of the screen, you can name your form

  • To add new questions to your form, use the "+" button or the "Add new question" button, which is in the bottom left corner of the screen:

  • You can select the type of question you want by clicking on the bottom left corner of the question, as shown in the following image

  • If you wish, you can duplicate a question by clicking on the duplicate question icon, as shown in the following image:

  • In the menu on the left you can follow the structure of your form

  • Save changes and advances to the "Save" button

Within each question, you can also configure the following elements:

  • Title: corresponds to the name of the question. This field is reflected in the application, PDF and data exports. Cannot be repeated on the same form

  • Description: in this field you can enter a description or an explanation for whoever answers the question. It only appears in the application when you answer the form.

  • Add section: Create a section to group multiple questions. Sections are reflected only when data is exported to PDF

  • Duplicate Question: Duplicate Question

  • Delete question: delete the question

  • + : add a new question below

Under "Advanced options", you can configure advanced options for your questions, such as:

  • Required: You can define whether the question is required to be answered before continuing to the next question on the form.

  • Skip questions: allow you to skip certain questions, based on previous answers. More information here.

  • Other options available, depending on the type of question.

Once you have finished creating your form, click on Save to save it and access it on the application to review it.


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