How to import users?

How to create several users into your account using an Excel list

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On the Web Platform, access Settings > Users > Import.

The first step to import users is to download the sample file.

In the **xlsx excel file, you will find the following columns:

  • First and Last Name (mandatory): Used to recognize the user.

  • Email (mandatory): Used to login, must be unique.

  • Password (mandatory): Password of at least 6 characters.

  • Phone: Telephone number of the device that will use the application.

  • Permissions: It is possible to add a permission code to massively load users with different permissions. If left blank it will take the basic mobile user's permission. You can use the following codes:

 - 29: Basic mobile user permissions (without the permission to see other user's answers - default if this field is not filled)

- 284: Mobile user permissions (can access the app and see other user's answers)
 - 477: Advanced user permissions (can access app and web platform)
 - 509: Administrator (all permissions granted)

After filling the Excel file with the data, select the file under "Import Users" and click on "Import".



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