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How to import users?

How to create several users into your account using an Excel list

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The first step to importing your users massively is to download the Model List.

Go to: Settings > Users > Import and click on Download Template.

In this Excel file, you will find the following columns that must be filled out:

  • Name (mandatory): user's first name

  • Last Name (mandatory): user's last name

  • Email (mandatory): user's email, which will be their login

  • Password (mandatory): set the user's password to access the platform (minimum 6 characters)

  • Phone: mobile device phone number that will be used for the application

  • Permissions: in this field, you can inform a permission code to authorize user access. When left blank, this user will automatically have access as a basic device user, without access to team responses.

The access codes are:

28: Operator

285: Editing-enabled Operator

1503: Supervisor

2047: Administrator

After filling out the Excel file with the data, select the file under "Import Users" and click on Import.


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