How to use the Location filter in the Resume section?
How to use the Location filter to filter your responses in the Resume section (Web Platform)
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At DataScope, you can filter your responses (Resume section) by location or customer visited or involved in the form's submission.

To do this, simply use the "Location" filter as follows:

To be able to do so, simply follow the steps below:

1. Import your list of customers or addresses to the platform:

See below how to upload your Address List to the platform, massively:

2. Add a "Single Option Data" question to your form:

In this question, in "Data List Source", make the connection between this question and your Address List. In this section, your list will be called "List Addresses":

3. Submit a response:

In order to use the Location filter in the Summary section, send a response, and select the customer or location that you are looking for when filtering your responses:



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