How to search for an answer?

How to look for an specific answer at DataScope

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There are several ways to find the answers submitted from your forms. In the Resume section it is possible to filter the data by different fields which are explained below:

  • Date: Filter by date range (max. range 365 days).

  • Select User: Filter by the user who filled in the form.

  • Select Form: Filter by the form's name.

  • Select Location: Filter by the location where the forms were filled. You can do this by adding a list of clients. (more info about lists here)

  • Select Status: Filter by the status of the forms.

  • Search answer by Form Code: Filter by the automatic code that DataScope applies to your form's answers.

  • Search Question Name: Search for information from all submitted forms containing a specific question name. (ex: Client name, Product code, SKU...)

  • Search Answer Value: Search for information collected on any past submitted form. (ex: Client ABC, #32424, SKU123...) - to use this filter, it is mandatory to also fill the Question Name filter at the same time (it can be just a part of the question's name).

You can search using one or more filters.

📌 Can't find a specific answer? Follow the steps in the article below:


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