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How can I notify customers each time a form is filled out?
How can I notify customers each time a form is filled out?

Learn how to automatically notify your customers whenever a service is performed in a specific location

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In DataScope, it is possible to automatically notify your customers whenever a form is filled out for a service performed, for example.

You can configure it in different ways:

1. Configure automatic form settings

In that case, whenever this form is completed, a PDF will be sent by mail. It is indicated if you have a specific form for each customer, as they will all be sent every time this form is filled out.

Click on the link below to learn more:

2. Configure to automatically send notifications to emails related to a response to your form

It is possible to configure so that, depending on the customer that is selected, he receives only the form that was filled in at your company, for example.

To do this, you must have your customers' e-mails registered in your Address List.

In the form, add a question of the type "Single Option Data", in which the user must choose the customer he is visiting.

Inside the Forms, enter the form and click on the "Email" tab. Activate the "Notify fixed emails" option and click on Save:

All set. When the customer is selected, the form will be automatically sent to the email that was registered for that customer.

Check out this informative video on how to set up automatic notifications

for your form's submissions at DataScope:

3. Through an integration with Zapier

Through an integration with Zapier, it is possible to send emails automatically. Click here to learn more:


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