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I can't export my form's submissions. What can I do?

Procedures to check in case you are unable to export your answers

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At DataScope, the collected data can be exported in PDF, Excel, or integrated with Google Sheets and many other systems. See more details here.

If you are unable to export your form's submissions (answers), please review the following points:

1. User access

Make sure you have the user's permission: do you have access to export data or to access this form?

The article below will help you to review these points:

2. Can't receive the exportation by e-mail

Make sure you are writing the email correctly. Did you check that the email is not falling in your SPAM box?

Here's how to add DataScope emails to your whitelist:

3. Alerts tab

If you are unable to receive your exports, you can always access them in the Alerts tab inside your account (Web Platform):

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact our Support team through our Chat, available on the app or on the Web Platform.


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