How to avoid misspellings in your forms?

Instructions on how to activate the auto-corrector on your mobile device so you can avoid misspellings in the DataScope forms

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Sometimes, when filling out your forms, users can commit spelling mistakes. A very useful tool in that case is the self-correction system of Android and iOS keyboards.

With DataScope it is very easy to fill in digital forms and now thanks to self-correction you can prevent users from making spelling errors that may make it difficult to read. Filling out digital forms have never been easier!


This procedure may vary depending on the manufacturer of the Android device. In general, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Phone Settings application

  • Find the option Languages and keyboards (or languages and input methods)

  • Enter the Spell Checker section and activate the option

📌 iOS

To activate the spell check on Apple devices, follow these steps:

  • Enter Settings> General

  • Find the Keyboards option

  • Activate the AutoCorrect option


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