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How to add new users to your account?
How to add new users to your account?
Steps to add new users to your account. This way they can access the forms you have created and consolidate the answers in one account
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To create a new user in your DataScope account, you can create it manually through the platform, invite it by email or add a massive creation list.

*the user's email will be their login and, therefore, must be unique for each user within the platform.

1. How to add users manually:

To create a new user in your account, you have to click the tab Settings > Users and click on the button "New Mobile User".

This button will take you through the registration process. In this section you have to fill in the registration form and also define the permission level of the new user.

The permissions that can be granted to a user are shown below:


*Permissions - Normal:

  • Show Form Answers: Gives access to the user to see the answers submitted by other team members.

  • Chat: Gives access to the user to comment on the answers of a form.

  • Answer Forms: Gives free access to the user to complete forms from the account. With no need to be assigned by another user.

  • View Assigned Forms: Gives access to the user to see the forms assigned to him.

*Permissions - Advanced:

  • Allow to change status of forms: Gives access to the user to assign a status to each form.

  • Create List of Custom Data: Gives access to the user to modify lists.

  • Modify Form Answers: Gives access to the user to modify the answers of a form already sent.

  • Edit Forms: Allow or restrict users to create new forms or make modifications to existing forms.

  • Delete/Recover Form Answers: Allow or restrict users to delete or recover deleted responses.

*Permissions - Admin:

  • Show and Create Users: Gives access to the user to add or remove users from the account (this will allow the user to modify your billing details as well).

  • Export Data: Gives access to the user to export data into an Excel Spreadsheet.

Advanced Settings

If you don't change the default configuration, the user will have access to every location and form available in your account.

  • Location Permissions: This allows you to limit the access of users to certain locations. This way the user won't be able to complete the forms in a different location from where it was assigned.

  • Forms Permission: You can have multiple forms, but you can limit the access to them to each user.

*Additional users may modify your monthly subscription.

2. Invite it by email

To send an invitation to new users, you must enter their email address in the Invite User box. If you want to add multiple invitations, just separate the emails by a comma "," and a space. When they receive the email, they must set their password and username to start using DataScope.

By clicking on "Advanced Settings" you will be able to define the accesses of these new users you are inviting, as explained above.

The new user will receive an e-mail with instructions to access the DataScope account.

3. Add users massively:

The last alternative to adding users to your account is through mass import. To do this, you must create an Excel containing the names of each user, their email, password and permission level.

Then the administrator must click on the Import button and select the created template. Once the Excel is imported, the new user can log into their DataScope account through the website and mobile app.

Check out how to add users to your account massively:


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