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How to set automatic reminders for Assigned Tasks?
How to set automatic reminders for Assigned Tasks?

Steps to set notifications or reminders for an assigned task in DataScope

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With our Task Assignment Tool, you can assign forms to your work team. This way, they will always know the activities to perform during the day.

It's possible to automatically generate reminders with the data in which you must complete your activities. These alerts or notifications can be sent by email or to the mobile device to your team member or user, indicating that he/she is close to an activity to be performed, indicating the date, time and place where he/she must complete the task.

📌 How to configure reminders?

Notifications are configured by assigning a task manually, from the Assign Tasks > New Task, selecting "Add Notifications":

There are two types of alerts: Notification and Email.

  • Notification: this is an alert that will be sent directly to the device of the user who needs to complete the task, it will be displayed as follows:

  • Email: the notification will be sent to the email of the user involved in the task.

To configure it, you can follow these steps:

  • First click on Add Notifications

  • Select the type of alert: Notification or Email

  • Define the time that the message will be sent to alert the user, this can be in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years.

  • And click on Save

The user will automatically receive the scheduled alert according to the time the task was assigned.


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