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FAQ - Google Sheets

Frequently asked questions about integration with Google Sheet

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding integration with Google Sheets, which may help you:

➡️ How long does it take for the data to reach the Google Sheets sheet?

Normally the data takes approximately 5 minutes to be seen in the Google Sheet, after they are synchronized (✓) in the Web Platform (Summary Tab). But that time may vary depending on the quality of your internet connection and the amount of data in your reply.

➡️ When integrating, will all the answers be completed or will only the answers after integration be added?

Keep in mind that if you integrate a form with the Google spreadsheet, you will only send the data obtained after the integration, to send the previous ones you will have to do it manually. More information here

➡️ What happens if I make changes to the structure of the forms (change or add questions or change alternatives for example), will it interfere with the integration with Google Sheets?

By modifying the form the integration will continue to work, however, new columns could be created and the old ones will be kept.

➡️ Can I make edits to the Google Sheets spreadsheet without interfering with the integration?

No. If you need to change the spreadsheet, we recommend making a copy and leaving the original (integration) sheet unchanged.

➡️ What happens if I change an answer of a form that is integrated with Google Sheet, it is also modified in Google Sheet?

Yes, you just have to make sure that when you do the integration, you check the "Send modifications" option

➡️ Is it possible to integrate a form to an existing Google Sheet?

No, you need to create a new Spreadsheet to connect to your DataScope form.

➡️ Can only the entire form (all its questions and respective answers) be integrated into a Google Sheet?

Yes, at the moment everything is sent, you cannot filter which questions are sent.

➡️ Is it possible to integrate multiple forms to a single Google Sheets sheet?

Yes, it is possible to integrate several forms in the same Google Sheet.

➡️ Is it possible to change the data export order in the integration with Google Sheets?

It can be changed, as long as it remains on the same sheet that it was created and maintains the same code that it has to identify in the first row.

➡️ How can I better sort my data on the Google Sheet?

It is possible to make a copy of your sheet in Google Sheet to order the data as you want, as long as the main sheet of the integration is kept unchanged.

➡️ Can I hide or delete the first line of codes?

No, it is not possible to delete or hide it, as it will affect data synchronization. That code is the communication language between DataScope and the Google Sheets spreadsheet.

📌 General Tips:

→ You should keep the header part of the spreadsheet file where the field labels are placed. Modifying any part of the header will break the integration.

→ It is necessary to show all columns or rows. Our spreadsheet integration doesn't support hiding columns and rows, so if you have hidden cells, you have to show them again.

→ You should not delete columns or rows in the embedded spreadsheet file.

→ As much as possible, you should keep the spreadsheet file in the same folder where it is located in your Google Drive folder.

→ Learn how to get the most out of your use of Google Sheets:


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