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How can I create sections on my forms?

Steps to create sections on your forms (Standard PDF) using the Form Builder

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In DataScope you can now create sections on your forms so that they appear in PDF export (Standard PDF). The sections will help you to subdivide your forms in the order you want, to better display your collected data.

*Standard PDF:

📌 How to create sections?

Creating sections on your forms is very simple. Then find the step by step:

1. Access the Forms tab to create or edit your form

2. Click the "Add section" button to add a section that will be created in the question you are editing:

3. If you want to, you can delete the section and its questions, by clicking on the three dots on the side of the section:

  • delete just the division of the section or

  • delete the section and all questions within it at the same time

as below:

4. Click on Save whenever you are ready.

That simple! The created sections will be presented on your PDF documents when you export them (Standard PDF layout).


  • Sections will not be presented on the application when answering the form.

  • Sections will be automatically ordered in alphabetical order on the exported PDF. If you would like to choose your own order, we recommend using a., b., c. etc to order them as you would like to.

📌 How do the sections look on the web and in the app?

🔹 Sections on the web can be viewed in two ways:

  • ➡️ When reviewing the data or modifying an answer in the Resume option:

  • ➡️By completing a form on the web:

❗ For both situations, if the form contains sections, they will be able to identify it since it will have a next button, which means that they will have to click there to display the next section and continue editing or completing.

🔹 In the application you can see the sections as follows:

  • In the application you will be able to see the sections as follows: When entering to answer a form, you can click on the middle button (between the back and continue options) and view the different sections that the form contains.

In the event that the data contained in the section is not fully completed, the icon will be displayed 🔲 without checking:

When all the data in the section has been completed, the icon will be displayed with a blue check mark


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